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On Relaxed Rijk I blog about everything that has to do with “personal finance”, the build-up of personal net worth and how to deal with it in a relaxed way. This site was created out of my excessive interest in everything that touches this topic. I try to write about this in an accessible way for everyone.

Monthly, I update the details of my financial situation and keep various lists of personal favourites:

I also regularly write blog posts. Of course, I would appreciate it if you leave me your comments, follow me on Twitter or subscribe to the mailing list.

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  • Net worth October 2020
    01.10.2020: €151.327 My net worth amounts to € 151,327 on 1 October. That is € 293 lower than a month ago, a decrease of 0.19%. This doesn’t look very spectacular at first glance, but a lot has happened in the background. Below I will explain per section what happened. I will also outline my plan for the last months of the year. What happened? Debit (Assets) Value Difference Savings € 7.939 € -625 Term deposits € 10.000 € 0 Index funds investments € 30.775 € 879 Dividend stocks investments € 12.486 € -238 Home value (WOZ) € 163.000 € 0 […]
  • Net worth September 2020
    01.09.2020: €151.620 On 1 September my net worth amounts to €151,620. That is €2,565 higher than a month ago, an increase of 1.72%. This means that for the first time […]
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  • Book recommendations summer 2020
    Are you ready for the summer? Summer is a perfect season to have a stack of books ready to read. I love to read a book on the beach, but […]

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  • My new year’s resolutions update
    Positive vibes in bad times In these hectic and generally not so good times, people occasionally need positives and something to hold onto. Actually, I wanted to write about the […]

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