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On Relaxed Rijk I blog about everything that has to do with “personal finance”, the build-up of personal net worth and how to deal with it in a relaxed way. This site was created out of my excessive interest in everything that touches this topic. I try to write about this in an accessible way for everyone.

Monthly, I update the details of my financial situation and keep various lists of personal favourites:

I also regularly write blog posts. Of course, I would appreciate it if you leave me your comments, follow me on Twitter or subscribe to the mailing list.

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  • Net worth September 2020
    01.09.2020: €151.620 On 1 September my net worth amounts to €151,620. That is €2,565 higher than a month ago, an increase of 1.72%. This means that for the first time I have passed the mark of €150,000! This wonderful increase was entirely caused by rising stock markets and new deposits. My portfolio has remained the same or increased in value on almost every front. Below you will find the details and I will tell you what my plans for the coming months are. What happened? Debit (Assets) Value Difference Savings € 8.564 € -624 Term deposits € 10.000 € 0 […]
  • Net worth August 2020
    01.08.2020: € 149.055 My net worth adds up to € 149.055 on 1 August. That is € 1.642 higher than a month ago, another record amount. In percentages, it is […]
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  • Book recommendations summer 2020
    Are you ready for the summer? Summer is a perfect season to have a stack of books ready to read. I love to read a book on the beach, but […]

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  • My new year’s resolutions update
    Positive vibes in bad times In these hectic and generally not so good times, people occasionally need positives and something to hold onto. Actually, I wanted to write about the […]

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